Actionable analytics

Pirate Metrics analyzes your business by tracking 5 key metrics, then helps you improve your product and increase your revenue. It’s the best analytics tool for your subscription business. AARRR!

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Pirate Metrics helps you perform quantitative and comparative analysis of your business by tracking 5 key metrics:

Specific Actionable Interpretations

It's not enough to analyze your data and produce awesome graphs based on your subscribers' behavior. We do that, sure, but our main goal is making specific recommendations that will increase your revenue. Pirate Metrics figures out what your paying customers have in common, and suggests actions you can take to attract similar new users.

Simple straightfoward setup

You can start understanding your users better with just a few minutes of setup. Our API is easy to implement and can be used on any platform. In ruby, use our Ruby gem, in Node.js use blackbeard.

curl \
 -H "Content-Type:application/json" \
 -d '{"api_key":"piratelol1","data":[{"email":""}]}' 

AARRR, cap'n! Get to know your subscribers.

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